Bridging Loan Quotes

Get an offer within hours

Whatever your personal circumstances and whatever you need the bridge for, we have created an in-depth form that covers all the most important things so that you can be responded to with a quotation within hours. We will calculate and compare all the available finance across all the lenders and give you one or more quotes of the best possible options available to you. We are specialists at finding finance for those in more complex circumstances so don’t worry if you’ve had difficulties in the past.

We don’t usually charge a fee as the lender will pay us a commission for the referral. This doesn’t influence the loans cost in any way and we will always have your best interests in mind.

Fill out the form below as best you can and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. Please mark as urgent if you need it sooner than that. We are confident we will get you the best loan available to you and you are free to shop around to find that out for yourself. All quotes are under absolutely no obligation or pressure so you have absolutely nothing to lose in seeing what we can do.


If you’re not looking to get a quote but simply want a bit of information or advice you can drop us a message on the contact us page.


Alan has been a financial adviser for a number of years now specialising in mortgages and bridging. Alan is the managing director of Hampshire based mortgage broker “Mortgage Integrity”. Before financial advising, Alan spent a number of years doing property development and his first introduction to bridging finance was a loan he was taking out in order to develop a property! The many years Alan spent in property development and the many times he personally required bridging finance gives him a unique perspective and understanding from both sides. Alan’s contacts in the property development industry gives him insider access to hot, off-market property deals so drop him an email if you would like some info.


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