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With years of inside experience in this industry you can ask me, or one of our other advisers, for help and advice today.

We bridge all types of property and land Nationwide across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We will move as quickly as you need us to in order to get the bridging finance you require.

Ensuring You Get the Best Deal Available

Using our industry knowledge and expertise we will scour the whole of the bridging market for you.

We have a comprehensive line-up of products, including some exclusive and bespoke opportunities, to give you the solutions you need based on your situation. We can negotiate exclusive deals on your behalf to ensure you’re arriving at the ideal solution to suit your needs.

With short term lending such as this, a seemingly small improvement in your repayment rate can mean huge savings over a year long period. Always make sure you use somebody that has the knowledge of the whole market and will negotiate hard for you to get the best deal possible.

Advice you can trust

After you make an enquiry or give us a call you will have a dedicated bridging finance specialist making himself/herself fully available to you to answer any questions and explain everything from start to finish.

Like other types of high value lending, bridging finance is a serious financial commitment and it is important you have somebody that will take the time to explain the details and will paint you a picture of the ramifications, pros and cons of every option available to you before you make a decision

Whilst speed is often of the essence, a broker that is patient is also important. Whilst we will provide you with advice and our opinions we know that, at the end of the day, the decision is yours and we will operate under a strict no pressure policy.

Occasionally, bridge funding isn’t the most ideal solution for our clients. In these situations you can trust us to explain the other options available to you and give you an idea of why they might be better better solutions. Usually we will be able to help you with an alternative solution but, if not, we will recommend somebody that can.

For those that are struggling

If you’re struggling to find any kind of finance whats0ever for your project, we may be able to help. Different lenders and loan types are more or less suitable depending on the situation. The more detailed information you provide us with will help us do a more in-depth search.

If your situation is one of those more complex scenarios fill out an in-depth quotation form, email me at or call me personally on 07710 525151 and we can go through it all.


Frequently Asked Client Questions

Why Should I Use a Broker to Find Me a Bridging Loan?

Bridging finance lenders criteria does tend to vary. By selecting the wrong lender, or simply not fully understand all of the terms and conditions of a particular deal, can mean the different between time wasted on aborted applications, money wastage in terms of overall costs and, in extreme cases, money wastage on incomplete aborted project or on great overpayment influencing overall costs.

For example, a lender may lend against a discounted property value based on a three month cycle. This could result in money wasted on a valuation with little chance of successfully securing the finance you need.

A broker will scour the whole market and find you the best finance rate weighing up your options with the right kind of tier lender (different lenders specialise in different kinds of loans for differing types of situations). A declined application could cause you to lose up-front costs.

In some cases, a person might not be sure that bridging finance is the right answer. A good broker will help you weigh up the options and point you in the right direction. Sometimes, for example, a specific type of mortgage might actually be cheaper and safer. We will always explain the pros and cons of every option, providing our opinion, but ultimately ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision that you feel safe and secure in making.

Is a bridge loan suitable for my circumstances?

A bridge loan can be used for virtually anything where short term finance is needed to bridge the gap between between a purchase (e.g. auctioned house purchase) and either coming across the money to purchase (e.g. selling another property) or getting a longer term loan (e.g. a mortgage). Although they usually are, bridging loans don’t always need to be about property purchase and property doesn’t always need to be held as security.

Drop us a message or give us a call telling us a little bit about your project and we will let you know right away whether a bridge loan is suitable source of finance. 95% of the time it is.

Below are some examples of what bridging finance has been used for:

  • Buying auctioned properties
  • A temporary cash injection for a business
  • To pay off tax or other bills quickly
  • Property development
  • Property refurbishment
  • Adding an extension to a home property that doubles as an office in order to provide space for new staff
  • In order to pay for a Buy to Let property
  • Meeting tight payment deadlines. Bank can take up to many weeks to underwrite and complete many loans, such as mortgages. In some cases this can mean that people miss the opportunity to get the property of their dreams.
  • In order to purchase land. This can be done without planning permission in many cases.
  • Bridging finance in order to purchase Solar Panel before the government subsidy lock-in cut off date.

How much is the maximum I can borrow?

We can arrange bridging loans from anywhere between £15,000 and £15,000,000.

How fast can you get me the required funds?

We will do our absolute best to work within your timescale. Bridging loans can usually be completed within 24-48 hours if necessary.

Can bridging loans be settled early?

Usually, yes. The broker will go through and explain all of this to you beforehand.

Can I protect my repayments on a bridging loan?

Life cover can be provided for all loan types.

Is there a charge for making an application/requesting a quote?


I am now self-employed with less than one years accounts. Can I get a bridging loan?

In a word, yes. Bridging loans are treated differently to mortgages and other types of finance and some lenders assess things with a different attitude.

Can you find bridging finance for those with bad credit, CCJ’s, defaults, arrears etc?

Yes we can. This will depend on other factors such as available security etc.

Can you help me turn my bridging loan into a longer term loan?

Yes. The majority of most of our advisers work involves mortgages as well as bridging finance, and we do have some specialists in other longer term loans. Based on your application we will always make sure that we pass you on to the most qualified to help you.

Bridging finance for limited companies and any other commercial finance?

Yes, this can be done. It can sometimes be a little more tricky than residential bridging loans and others but that is what we are here for.

Do you charge a fee for you services?

Usually, no. We don’t often charge fee’s to our clients and our services are free. This is because lenders will provide us with a procreation fee for submitting business to them. The procreation fee that they pay to us will not effect your repayment rates in any way and you can rest assured that our only focus will be on getting you the best deal possible, not on passing business to a particular lender.

In certain specific, rare and usually more complex situations we may charge a fee. Don’t worry, once you have explained to us what you need we will let you know right away whether or not we are going to charge a fee for out services. Any initial upfront advice is free and we will only charge (we call it a success fee) upon successful completion of a loan agreement that you are happy with.

There is never any kind of charge for enquiring, asking for some initial advice or making an application.

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