Non Status Bridging Finance

The fast and effective way to secure the purchase of your new home if you have any bad credit or zero credit history.

Have you been turned down for loans or mortgages in the past? Perhaps your credit rating is stopping you from receiving the funds you need. Or perhaps you just need money quick to complete the purchase of your new property. We can help you to find the right non status loan to suit your circumstances today, and enable you access to the funds you need within the next few days.

What is a Non Status Bridging Loan?

How do non status loans work?

non-status bridging loans approved

We can help all types of client, often even those with a complex history

Non status bridging finance require no background checks on the borrower, including credit history or divulgence of financial information. The only thing the borrower needs to prove to receive funding is that they have sufficient property or land to be used as security against the loan and an acceptable entrance and exit strategy (i.e. how are you going to repay the loan).

These are generally short-term loans, lasting between one day and 12 months. As they carry a slightly higher risk to lenders, lending rates are generally higher. Although, the lack of time spent conducting lengthy background checks means that money can be received quickly, often saving the borrower time and money spent waiting.

Who are non status loans for?

Although a wide range of people use non status funding, it is perfectly suited to those with:

  • No credit history
  • A poor credit rating
  • CCJs, arrears, defaults, previous bankruptcy, IVAs
  • Employed and self-employed individuals
  • Sole traders, partnerships and limited companies

Non status loans are often used for the following transactions:

  • Properties sold at auction
  • Purchases that need quick completion
  • Halting repossessions
  • Properties below market value

Let us help you to find the right loan for you

If you are in need of a fast, flexible loan and own property to use against that loan’s value, we can help you to find the best possible deal.

To get in touch with us, simply fill out a full quotation form and our advisors will put you in contact with the right lender for your circumstances and help find you a bespoke loan plan.




Alan has been a financial adviser for a number of years now specialising in mortgages and bridging. Alan is the managing director of Hampshire based mortgage broker “Mortgage Integrity”. Before financial advising, Alan spent a number of years doing property development and his first introduction to bridging finance was a loan he was taking out in order to develop a property! The many years Alan spent in property development and the many times he personally required bridging finance gives him a unique perspective and understanding from both sides. Alan’s contacts in the property development industry gives him insider access to hot, off-market property deals so drop him an email if you would like some info.

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