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Off Market Investment PropertiesOver the years we have grown and developed links a large number of expert and highly experienced property market specialist, mainly in London, as well as lenders and big accountancy firms, top landlords and owners of property with large portfolios.

We have both sellers waiting for a buyer and buyers waiting for sellers. These are fast completion properties where we take absolutely no sales commission for the service. We can help you with every type of investment from land purchase, to commercial and residential.

The property development deals can range in price anywhere from £100k to £25M. All deals represent an excellent return on investment for the buyer. Most of the deals we have knowledge of are over £500 000 as these investments offer the best combination of growth and security in the off market below value property investment arena.

Off-market property deals you’ll want to be in the know with


Bridging & Mortgages can help you get access to ‘off market deals’ whereby, for whatever reason, a seller wishes not to go down the route of opening up the property to sale to the general public. We offer access to some prime investment properties in London amongst many others all over the UK.

These are deals that require a decisive buyer to take steps quickly with the ability to acquire the appropriate funds quickly. These deals are so sensitive that, in some situations, a non-disclosure agreement will need to be signed before any further information is given.

We can help with arranging the finance, legal and financial, your investment vehicle and will suggest an entry and exit plan based on the that which will bring the greatest ROI based on your time-frame and specific goals.


Real Life Examples


Cavendish Sq. in London


A complete overhaul is needed on this property. A great deal of work from the ground up is required. Great location means that it could end up being one of the best properties in this high-end area of London. Build costs would be between 4 and 5 million, however it would be likely to be five or six fold this amount once successfully completed based on current property values.

Mayfair, London


Vendor looking for just over 20M for a property where the next door neighbours were offered £40M about two years ago. Great opportunity to create a highly attractive residence that offers the potential for great profits with less work required than other types of property.



Located within walking distance to both Holland Park and Hyde Park. A grade 2 listed (Queen Anne design) building from 1880’s. Semi-modernised, there is still a good deal to be installed and implemented into the property. The property offers a blank canvas for you to design it the way you envision.

The owner is somebody of extremely high net worth with a back-ground in the emerging markets. The owner wants to dispose of it quickly as he doesn’t have the inclination to finish it anymore.

Currently used as offices but has planning permission (as a listed building) to be used as a family house. High ceiling, beautifully spacious and has the potential to grow into a grand residence property with a luxury, high class feel.


Let us help

We can help you every step of the way. From London to Birmingham to Manchester to Cambridgeshire and Kent to name but a few. We can help you with the whole process from start to finish.


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Alan has been a financial adviser for a number of years now specialising in mortgages and bridging. Alan is the managing director of Hampshire based mortgage broker “Mortgage Integrity”. Before financial advising, Alan spent a number of years doing property development and his first introduction to bridging finance was a loan he was taking out in order to develop a property! The many years Alan spent in property development and the many times he personally required bridging finance gives him a unique perspective and understanding from both sides. Alan’s contacts in the property development industry gives him insider access to hot, off-market property deals so drop him an email if you would like some info.

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